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HL.11130 folding handle



HUALI d I L D h1 H
HL-1113085 M8 15 85 24 5 37
HL-1113090 M10 18 90 30 6 30
HL-1113090 M12 24 90 30 7 30
选型示例:HL1113090-M1018或11130-M10 x18,90代表手柄长度,M10x18表示螺纹直径和长度

 Black, high, strength, reinforced Bakelite, resistant to solvents, oils greases and other chemical agents,

making this knob for using on medical machines, equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industry and wherever hygienic, climatic and environmental factors or laws make it mandatory to use corrosion resistant magerials.

different sizes, luminous appearance neoteric style are its valued advantage special dimension can be made specially

.they are used for all kinds of machine tools widely. don't worry about the price and the quality,  we will provide you with the best quality after-sales service and the lowest price.