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CNC machine tools towline Forecast

2016-07-13 14:48:42
The origin of the machine towline, towline model specifications, structure towline, towline development originated in Germany, and later by the Department of tripod machine reference sample and develop innovative structures in the country with the promotion of the use. With the mechanical movement of the cable, tubing, steam pipes, water pipes, metal hose, protective sleeve, bellows, metal hose plastic packages belong to the protected product. Recently, the Ministry of Information Industry with industry experts organized in Beijing on the "robot industry development plan (2016 - 2020)" about the situation described. At the meeting, with Deputy Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry Secretary, Office equipment giant Dong, China's Academy of Engineering sealed tin Sheng, Shenyang New Song, president, chairman of China's industrial robot league Kui Qu Road, Union of Industrial robots perform chairman, the Secretary-General Song Xiaogang, deputy secretary-general of China's industrial robot alliance Yao Ju, respectively robotics industry planning and development and other issues detailed interpretation. In the previous stage to resolve the iron and steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, plate glass, shipbuilding and other serious excess capacity experience, both inside and outside the public sector position, currently there are not a robot industry overcapacity?
At the same time, the majority of provinces and cities to develop a lot of media attention robot, compared to industries with excess production capacity grim, whether the robotics industry is developing too fast, there is overcapacity. This should be said that if the analysis of an industry overcapacity, this should first focus on the supply and demand, market demand for the robotics industry outlook is looking forward to be able to say that no one can accurately anticipate robot market demand inflection point where. Then in health service robots industrial robots with such a large market demand, but also accompanied by the transition to a modern conventional robot robot, the past five years the demand for robots every moment in the growth, the annual output of 2015 increased by 21% among independent brand production increased by 31 percent, and machinery are mostly customized, very little inventory, to analyze the relationship between supply and demand that can predict future demand increase in retention. So worry robot industry in which it? Currently, the robot production increased along with the explosive growth of the number of enterprises, preliminary statistics, involving the production of the robot exceeds more than 800 enterprises, of which over 200 are robot body manufacturing enterprises, most to assemble with the main processing, at the low end of the industry chain, industry concentration is low, the small overall size. At the same time there are more than 40 local to the development of robot-based Industrial Park. Local enterprises the ability to supply high-end brands robot severe shortage. According to statistics, more than six-axis industrial robot market, foreign brands accounted for 85%, while demand for the future if the main six-axis robot more high-end. The core components of the robot, which is often said deceleration, servo motor control system with the Big Three, has not been completely broken through, in part accounted for 70% of the Value of the robot body, it is still dependent on foreign countries.
In the cable Tube back and forth movement of the occasion, in order to prevent entanglement pipeline, wear, Latvia, hooked with scattered, so put them into the drag chain, forming a protective cable duct with partition classes, but also the umbilical towline complete with moving back and forth, a struggle to avoid the line, wear, Latvia, hooked with scattered and other phenomena. occurred. The current towline has been widely used, it not only protects the cable pipe tubing with pipes and other machinery and equipment also makes the overall look more beautiful

It is divided into towline tanks chain, also known as steel towline towline with two plastic materials: ① towline (divided TL Type / TLG heavier type), steel towline chain is made of steel plate, with the pin aluminum alloy support plate combination. Monolithic structure is divided into separate type, with frame partition type three, the support plate can be placed according to the number of users of pipeline distribution pipeline with the sort to custom processing (towline width / outside width / bending radius / length with speed ).

② plastic engineering towline towline also known, it is the first to develop a different structure in the form of towline mold, and then assembled according to customer requirements. But only three kinds of contemporary world (commonly known as an open bridge, built pipeline visible / semi-closed, only to see the line / fully enclosed towline from the top of the line all hide) and not according to the same plastic material with than after injection of various materials machined plastic towline to apply customer needs. Structural plastic towline (1) towline shape like tanks, chain link by a large number of units composed of freely rotating between links. (2) exactly the same series of towline high, outside the high, exactly the same pitch, towline in width, bend radius R can have different choices. (3) unit chain around the chain plates with the composition of the upper and lower cover, towline can open each section, easy assembly and disassembly without threading, to the cable, tubing, pipe, pipe, etc. into the towline open the cover . (4) may be given another separator sheet, the chain separated by space as needed. The basic parameters of plastic towline (1) material: plus fiber reinforced nylon, with high pressure with tensile load, good toughness, elasticity with high abrasion resistance, flame retardant, high temperature stable performance, can be used in outdoor . (2) resistance to: oil, salt, and a certain acid, alkali capacity. (3) the speed with acceleration of 5 m / min -200 m / min (4) operating life. 10 - 30 years towline selection is based on the use of environmental conditions (for example; require oil / water / anti-spam infection / heat / rubbing / need long / required load / no noise / conceal the cables, etc.) with Application installation location is not the same, you need to select the towline material (aluminum towline / plastic towline) and three types of assembly forms (bridge towline, closed towline, semi-closed towline) I have ten years of research and development with manufacturing towline sales experience, according to your request to give you a full range of design with the use of towline material selection.

In short, from the supply side industry of China's ability to supply special high-end supply capacity can not meet the increasing market demand, therefore, from the overall point of view, it can not come to China appeared in the robotics industry overcapacity conclusions. In other words, the development of industrial robots China has a total problem, there are structural problems, but the most prominent is the structural problem of the development of the robotics industry, we want to prevent the low-end high-end industries, to prevent all of the resources at a low level repeat establishment point of view, prevent heavy investment, innovation light, light tends to personnel training.