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Our robot industry development trends

2016-07-13 14:49:35
The future development trend of high-end industries to curb the development of low-end, it is necessary to actively guide the various regions and enterprises, in accordance with the conditions of their own advantages, with differentiated rational development of the robotics industry, to guide policy funding and resource elements to the advantage of the region now centralized, to avoid the herd with low-level redundant established.

Second, we should vigorously develop high-end development with support for leading enterprises. Our robots also have high-end brand enterprises. We fully support measures leading enterprise culture robotics industry alliance statement, the statement in the plan led sufficient to play a role of leading enterprises. Recently, the Ministry is also speeding up the implementation of "manufacturing enterprise to develop and improve individual champion special action plan", the demand for train individual champion in the robotics industry is more prominent.

Third, efforts to strengthen the independent innovation, to accelerate the formation of National Robotics Innovation Center, which is the integration of industry resources, to create "political research with financial" innovation vector combining to strengthen the development of next-generation robots, is a special artificial intelligence, virtual reality as a symbol of robotics research and development.

Fourth, build a perfect robot with standard certification system, the end of the Ministry of Industry issued a joint committee with the GB national standardization intelligent manufacturing system to establish guidelines, but also with the implementation of the standardization of equipment manufacturers improve the quality of planning. We need to have construction on the basis of national bot detection with the assessment center, and vigorously promote the quality and reliability to improve the robot, the robot complete with inspection certification system established.

Fifth, from personnel training to expand efforts on accelerating the implementation of the equipment manufacturing industry personnel to establish long-term planning, special support to have the spirit of artisan craft personnel training.

Finally, from the perspective of industry self-regulation, in the hope of promoting the industry alliance established on the basis of the robot Robot Association as soon as possible. But also in the industrial robot industry standards efforts to expand the angle conditions. To promote the healthy development of their own people with industry self-regulation machinery industry