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Ruled handwheel is a natural bakelite handwheel

2016-07-21 11:36:27
Ruled handwheel is a natural bakelite handwheel, its strength in the elastomeric material, raw rubber hand wheel, rubber, vulcanized rubber are high intensity. The tensile strength of the unvulcanized bakelite handwheel called green strength, green strength ruled handwheel up to 1.4 ~ 2.5Mpa, suitable for green strength bakelite hand wheel molding is necessary. Ruled hand wheel tear strength is higher, up to 98kN / m, and its durability is better. Cause its high mechanical strength is that it is self-reinforcing bakelite hand wheel, when the tensile stress causes the macromolecular chains along the direction of orientation crystallization.
The electrical properties of natural rubber wood hand wheel is non-polar substances ruled handwheel, is a good insulating material. When natural rubber wood hand wheel sulfide, by the introduction of polar factors, such as sulfur, accelerators, etc., so that the insulation performance.
Ruled handwheel is mainly used in CNC machine tools: vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, machining centers and other CNC equipment, such as a clean, easy to move, interference, strong load capacity; all-plastic shell, high dielectric strength, anti-oil seal design; includes a control switch, emergency stop switch optional, user-friendly design for easy operation.