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New pressure-filled rubber mold bakelite handle

2016-07-18 13:19:10
Bakelite handle mold mold mold in order to facilitate the overall design fillers, mold loading and unloading mold, mold design to the upper, middle, and lower mold, two parting surface, a mandrel, six-piece mandrel. The mold made of a whole, but only in the most convenient processing and material situation of maximum intensity, computationally intensive to be taken at the thin wall. Since the rotor up and down two opposite concave surface, the distance from the center outward circular disk decreases linearly, in order to facilitate open mold, the mandrel is designed upper, middle and lower parts. In the mold experience, because of the increased pressure, the mandrel will be with the flow of plastic material up and down and move around, resulting in product stand with upper and lower plate teeth uneven thickness, uneven skeleton plastic bag, only affects the appearance and reduce the quality, and therefore how to become a fixed mandrel mold the success of the core issues.

Partial curing, excess glue in poor condition clamping pressure, partly to accumulate up through the hole glue overflow due to adhesion of vulcanized rubber hardly crosslinked rubber through holes thus giving rise to folds, deep seam class defect. In order to avoid reflection densitometer X-RITE528 Free this defect, it is necessary to solve the problem of excess glue, that is, how to set the mode with the lower mold parting line position.

In order to smooth excess glue, can only be given in the next sub-surface of the disk, the disk following the next, but also to meet the requirements, but it can not be fixed mold core is moved downward; and above the lower disk, both to meet the requirements, but also fixed mandrel does not move down, so the lower mold mold made to keep a similar shape, symmetry under two parting surface.

(1) bakelite handle mold flotation machine impeller rotor structure complex, the production process requires high.

(2) bakelite handle mold skeleton thin iron weldments, when the pressing mold deformation, so the manufacture of high precision, especially in the upper and lower plate with vertical requirement drogue.

(3) through plastic mold bakelite handle holes in ensuring the strength of the skeleton premise Yi small, dense and difficult to large and sparse.

(4) the position of the handle bakelite mold parting line set must consider whether the excess glue smoothly, it is necessary to ensure that excess glue smooth, easy to exhaust, but also to ensure the mold after the product has sufficient density.

(5) bakelite handle mold parting line to leave a plastic tank overflow, Kai die hole.

(6) fixed bakelite handle mold mandrel is to ensure consistent and uniform thickness footwall skeleton encapsulated core.

(7) The bakelite handle mold mold is characterized by upper, middle and lower, all-mandrel, and the mandrel is divided into upper, middle and lower three, mold in the mold.

(8) bakelite handle mold mold should be welded lugs for easy moving; when used, should be placed on pallets or with rollers, so that out of the vulcanizing machine.

The bakelite handle mold mold design, unique, complex structure, the use of stable performance, reliable product quality, good effect. After several experiments, compared with the last core mold, the mold to keep the mold shape, with the upper mold die with a fixed mandrel up and move around, the result is satisfactory.