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Troubleshooting ruled bakelite hand wheel and troubleshooting

2016-07-21 11:52:41
1, with bakelite handwheel for each axis appear jerky. The original box is hand-wheel circuit board problem, replace the damaged components
2, bakelite hand wheel is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult to use, there is no law, originally handwheel handwheel extension cord or internal resistance is too large, replace the backup line problem solving
3, bakelite hand wheel insensitive reaction, serious missing pulses, the original pin plug connector is not in place at the
4, bakelite hand wheel can not be used, the original signal lines small plug backwards
5, bakelite hand wheel bakelite hand wheel can not be used or missing pulses, the original cable splitter jumper wrong, you should stay in the middle on both sides of jump
6, bakelite hand wheel can not appear with the hand wheel bakelite or missing pulses, appear disconnected or virtual access
7, bakelite hand wheel can not be used, the original pulse generator is broken and should be replaced.