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Fracture repair knowledge ruled handwheel handle

2016-08-08 16:39:43
    Later ruled handwheel handle agglutination. In the course of the cooling will continue to compress. When ruled handwheel handle in the shape of an elastic, if the expansion was discouraged, will produce stress in forging ruled handwheel handle. Once forged stress exceeds the ultimate strength of the alloy, the composition will be ruled handwheel handle cold cracking. Bred fracture caused by scrapped.
    If more Ruled handwheel handle raw quantity produced, will adopt the shape of the plate the way; if ruled handwheel handle students create less (such as a single piece or a few pieces), will adopt fake box modeling. Improved organ size and workmanship. If you always ruled the handwheel handle near the rim at the spoke break. The fracture inspected, found to be a model of cold cracking characteristics, namely section clean, bright metal, broken door is linear, brittle fracture.
    After analysis, the main reason for the onset ruled handwheel handle broken: Ruled spoke handwheel handle thickness of unreasonable design, workmanship ruled handwheel handle casting wheel Yi unreasonable and focus holes are not leaving the cast wheel Yi became Heavy part caused ruled handwheel handle a small portion of the rim to the wheel Yi thin and thick in the spokes. Because ruled handwheel handle different departments wall thickness difference in the cooling process, the various parts of different cooling rates. Ruled spoke handwheel handle thinnest, fastest cooling than the wheel rim and first Yi expand and exert pressure. But to a lower degree of plague and the front and rear wheel rim Yi shortening temperature, but by the spokes of the first block has cooled. Since leaned ruled handwheel handle spoke at the thinnest section of the rim, so the tensile stress of the biggest parts of attack, this time is greater than the tensile stress ruled handwheel handle spokes strength. Section occurs so angry fracture caused ruled handwheel handle scrapped.
    Ruled effective way to handle the hand wheel spokes fault elimination is to minimize the thickness of each ruled handwheel handle a small portion of the poor, in order to prevent the cooling rate ruled various parts of the hand wheel handle that much difference. It can rival the size and thickness of the wheel spokes process improvement, which ruled spoke handwheel handle thickness ratio of 3: 2 is designed and made by the wheel load focus hole sand core. What a difference between the wall thickness is reduced ruled handwheel handle each part, thereby reducing the time ruled the hand wheel handle on each a small piece of shortening hinder each other and persuading. The forging ruled handwheel handle stress within reduced to a minimum, so that ruled the handwheel handle low temperature can eliminate stress, arrived to eliminate ruled handwheel handle breaking approach.