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HL.11030 small revolving handle



HUALI d I L D d1
HL-1103025 M2 10 25 13 11
HL-1103032 M6 12 32 15 13
选型示例:HL1103032-M612或1103032-M6 x12,32代表手柄长度,M6x12表示螺纹直径和长度

 1.the material is bakelite allowing for high-impact resistance and durability,the standard color is black.

 2.Smooth,beautiful,comfortable black powder coated finish

 3.optimum utilisation between 50 and 130 celsius.

 4.outstanding resistance to oil as well as tough climatic conditions.

 we are an 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of handwheels including two-spoke nylon handwheels and more.we have  a large variety of shapes of handwheels technopolyme