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HL.300104 plastic drag chain


HUALI Serial number  lumen Outlook size Bending radius (R) pitch
 HL-3001043550   1  35×50  53×98  75、100、150、200  58
HL-3001043562  2 35×62  53×110  75、100、150、200 58
HL-3001043586  3 35×86  53×134  75、100、150、200 58
HL-30010435102  4 35×102 53×150  75、100、150、200 58
HL-30010435125  5  35×125 53×173  75、100、150、200 58
HL-30010435150  6 35×150 53×198  75、100、150、200  58

 the products are widely applied to fields of numerical  controlled machinery ,textile machinery ,glass machinery, manipulator, plastic jetting ,moulding machinery, wood processing  machinery,stone machinig equipment ,mechinical and electronic e quipment ,weight handing equipment ,ect,they are suitable for reciprocating motion occations, tow and protect the inner built cables, oil pipes and waer pipes 

we can  offer you many different kinds of style,if you are intetested in the products and we can pffer you three kinds of seperator ,you can choose as per the wide and high.