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How mechanical equipment maintenance and repair?

2016-07-04 14:03:32
Machinery and equipment such as bakelite hand wheel, bakelite hand maintenance operatives to maintain normal functioning of the state machinery artificially prolong the life of daily work must be carried out.

Four requirements for equipment maintenance

(1) tidy: bakelite hand wheel, bakelite and other hand tools, parts, attachments placed neatly; security guards complete; complete line pipe.

(2) Put clear: internal and external cleaning equipment; each sliding surface and screw, gear, rack, bakelite hand wheel, bakelite hand and so no oil, no bumps; not all parts of the oil spill, watertight, airtight, no leakage; chips garbage cleaned.

(3) Lubrication: oil change on time and fuel oil quality to meet the requirements; oiler, oil gun, oil cups, linoleum, oil line cleaning is complete, oil standard bright and open circuit.

(4) Safety: the introduction of a given machine and man-shift system; familiar with the device structure and abide by the rules, the rational use of equipment, well-maintained equipment to prevent accidents.

Site equipment maintenance Content Management

Equipment maintenance work, time can be divided into routine maintenance and periodic maintenance; press service can be divided into general maintenance, equipment maintenance and key maintenance area. Maintenance work content generally includes; viewing, inspection, adjustment, lubrication, and repair-for-washable items of site management and maintenance work.

Equipment maintenance area

Equipment maintenance area is the enterprise according to the production area of ​​the device or type of device ownership is divided into several regions, there is a clear division of labor and maintenance workers and workers in the operation closely, responsible for the supervision, guidance equipment operator within the jurisdiction of the proper operation and reasonable use, careful maintenance of equipment; inspection tours to master the operation of equipment, and assume certain equipment maintenance; responsible for the implementation of district assessment indicators city equipment availability, downtime rate. Strengthening regional maintenance equipment maintenance and management services for the production, maintenance workers mobilize the enthusiasm of one kind of personal responsibility.

Maintenance work area contents are:

A, daily maintenance workers on duty on the equipment responsible for the city's initiative to patrol the entire area once mounted horizontally and accuracy and make detailed records, records.

C, there are special requirements on the environment (temperature, humidity, vibration, dust) precision equipment, enterprises should take appropriate measures to ensure the accuracy of the device, the performance is not affected.

D, sophisticated, rare, critical equipment during routine maintenance in general do not dismantle parts such as bakelite hand wheel, bakelite hand, especially optical components. When must be removed, it should be dedicated repairman. Equipment in operation, such as abnormal phenomenon, immediately stop, do not allow sick operation.

E, in strict accordance with the manual of the equipment specified range of processing operation does not allow super-size, super weight, overload, over pressure using the device. Precision equipment only allows direct use by finishing, allowance must be reasonable and machining castings, when the rough surface to be sandblasted or painted in advance.

F, equipment lubricant materials, cleaning materials and cleaning agents to be used in strict accordance with the instructions, may not be easily substituted. Lubricating material must be passing the tests, before joining the tank must be filtered.

R, sophisticated, rare equipment during non-working time to add a protective cover. If you stop for a long time, to regular cleaning, lubrication and air operation.

Accessories and special tools dedicated cabinet should put the amount of W, equipment should be kept clean to prevent rust and bumps can not be borrowed or used for other purposes.

Equipment lubrication is an important part of machinery and equipment for field use and maintenance. Correct and optimum lubrication equipment and equipment parts and components to reduce friction bakelite hand wheel, bakelite hand wear, extend equipment life, give full play to the effectiveness of the device, reduce the loss of function, prevent equipment corrosion and heat deformation. Instead, lubrication equipment neglect, improper lubrication equipment, equipment will accelerate wear and tear, caused by equipment failures and accidents frequently accelerate deterioration of state of the art equipment, product quality and yield are affected. Thus, the device management, the use and maintenance personnel should pay attention to lubrication equipment.

Field production equipment leakage governance standards

(1) Permeability: obvious traces of oil, after the oil stain is wiped traces of oil does not occur within five minutes by the oil leakage.

(2) oil spill: clear traces of oil, some oil droplets are formed, traces of oil or oil droplets appear after traces of oil or oil is wiped five minutes for the oil spill.

(3) leakage point: there is a clear traces of oil or oil droplets, a leakage point.

(4) no oil spill equipment: static binding surface no oil leakage, oil spills are not fixed bonding surface for not leaking devices. 80% of the joint surface is not oil spills, oil spills and oil spill site no more than a drop in three minutes by the basic equipment does not leak.

(5) a serious oil spill equipment: Equipment of the following circumstances, or a drop of oil leakage point one minute drops of more than three persons, a serious oil spill equipment.

(6) general oil spill equipment: Where there is oil leakage, but not above the level of serious oil spill, oil spill equipment for the general.

(7) Qualified Governance: no oil leakage surface static binding, dynamic binding surface (except lubricated hand rails, screw, light bars, etc. All moving parts) not leak.