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Bakelite handle horizontal lathe and basic operation

2016-07-07 10:32:47
1. Using the adjusted horizontal lathe and bakelite handle

    Adjustment lathe mainly by changing respective positions of bakelite handle.

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    2. The basic operation of horizontal lathe

    (1) Parking Exercise (reversing and stopping the spindle bakelite handle 13 in the stop position)

    1) correct change spindle speed. Change the gearbox and the spindle box outside the shift lever 1, 2 or 6, to obtain various corresponding spindle speed. When the handle struck not successful, you can hand the chuck can be rotated slightly.

    2) the correct amount of feed conversion. Press to view the selected feed rate feed label on the box, then signs progress to transform handle to transform the position of the handle positions 3 and 4, to obtain the selected feed.

    3) familiar with the rotational direction of the longitudinal and transverse manual feed handle. Left hand vertical feed and manual handle 17, right hand infeed manually handle 7. Respectively clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the hand wheel, steering the direction of movement of the holder and apron.

    4) familiarity with vertical or horizontal feed motor operation. Light bars or screw turning handle 18 is located on the light bar on position, the longitudinal feed motor lifting handle 16 to vertical feed, such as transverse feed motor 15 Lift the handle to the transverse feed motor. Respectively, can be pulled down to stop the vertical and horizontal motorized feed.

    5) tailstock operation. Tailstock by manually moving, fixed by fastening bolts and nuts. Tailstock hand wheel rotational movement of the sleeve 12, the sleeve can move in the tailstock, the tailstock locking handle 11 is rotated, the sleeve can be fixed in the tailstock.

    (2) Low-speed driving practice exercises should be preceded check the position of the handle is in the correct position, and correct conduct driving practice.
    1) Spindle start - start the motor - operated spindle rotation - stop the spindle - Turn off motor
    2) feed motor - motor start - steering spindle rotation - Manual vertical and horizontal feed - feed motorized vertical and horizontal - manual return - motorized infeed - Manual return - stop the spindle - Turn off motor
    pay attention:
    1) Stop the machine is not completely prohibited transform spindle speed, otherwise serious headstock gear to fight tooth phenomenon or even machine accidents. Before driving to check the handle is in the correct position.
    2) the longitudinal and transverse directions can not shake the handle forward and backward wrong, especially when rapid retract should be careful, otherwise they will be scrapped and the work safety accidents.
    3) manual infeed per revolution bakelite handle a grid, the tool transverse cutting tool is 0.02mm, its cylinder diameter direction of cutting the amount of 0.04mm.