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Identification of nylon and polypropylene towline towline

2015-08-24 15:20:20
Because the price is only half the nylon polypropylene material, and some of the more sinister manufacturers, long polypropylene posing good quality nylon towline towline, because of its shape much like the average user is difficult to identify, following on from the two material properties It does introduce aspects to distinguish between two towline, where good good poor poor location.

Polypropylene, low density, non-toxic and tasteless, low melting point (160-175 ℃), hard and, when the weather is poor low temperature brittle, do not wear, easy to aging. So its made out of plastic towline hard brittle easily break anymore, not heat, do not wear, easy to aging, influenced by seasonal factors.

Nylon high melting point (melting point of nylon 6 and nylon melting point of 66 to 220C for 260C), with wear-resistant and anti-dust, cleaning and stain resistance, good elasticity, fatigue resistance and thermal stability, not low temperature and materials readily absorb water. Therefore nylon towline has good wear resistance, oil resistance, dust resistance, fatigue and difficult to aging, high temperature stable, etc., glass fiber and flame retardant materials in the material after it the characteristics have been better It improved.

So choose the time, although the price is only half the polypropylene towline nylon towline, but as it reciprocates the towline wear, fatigue is the most important indicator, so nylon towline is the most appropriate choice.