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Comfortable bakelite handle, bakelite hand wheel industrial design tools

2016-01-26 11:10:37

In many agricultural operations, pliers and other hand tools commonly fatigue often encountered the problem of high rate of Japanese wounded. 1995 World Health Organization hand injury for farm workers engaged in agricultural hand tools to investigate the operation, statistics show that almost close to 9 percent of disability injury is by design and hand tools caused by improper operation, with production work for work efficiency of high standards and strict requirements, the estimated annual cost due to the use of hand tools around injury in $ 10 billion. Therefore, scientific and rational design of agricultural hand tools will also be based on ergonomics urgent problem.
        An improved design and biomechanical analysis of agricultural bakelite handle tools
        Bakelite handle, bakelite hand wheel and other tools are extensions of human limbs, the use of tools to increase the range of motion humanity and efforts to improve the working efficiency. In order to adapt to the rough shape precision work and hard work, the tool should be designed to achieve the best possible state, in particular in line with staff anatomical function. Manpower is a complex structure composed of bones, arteries, nerves, ligaments and tendons and other components, finger forearm extensor and flexor extensor carpal controlled by these muscles by tendons connected to the fingers.
        When using the tool, the arm must be on the move or prolonged gripping, will shoulder, arm and hand muscles to withstand static load, resulting in fatigue, reduced work efficiency. The traditional design of most agricultural hand tools will arm designed as straight or angled, such as using a straight rod tool in a horizontal work surface, then must shoulder abduction, arm raised, which is not in line with the wrist force direction.
        Because of repeated and sustained long-term use, the force is concentrated in the palm portion of the finger, combined with a number of factors such as the individual operating position, vibration caused by repetitive trauma the body, so that a certain degree of wrist injuries. Tichauer (1966) study shows that when the wrist straight operation, the wrist in a relaxed state in the middle, but when the wrist is bent palm, dorsiflexion, ulnar and other awkward state, it will have wrist pain, reduced grip strength, long time use can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Traditional design makes cornering wrist at work, prolonged use of the tool can cause wrist inflammation, chronic pain, may also cause wrist tendon synovial sheath.
        Through the above analysis of biomechanics, anatomy design principles starting from hand tools, traditional hand tools can be improved:
        ① avoid static muscle load improvements. Made curved handle portion coming transition, you can make arms drooping naturally. When manual work operations arm may be in a more natural state level, reducing static muscle load Raise generated.
        ② keep the wrist straight in a state of improvement. Upcoming improvements designed to grip curved shape, the general will handle the working portion of the bending tool 10 degrees, you can maintain your wrist straight state operation, without having to take the posture of ulnar deviation.
        ③ avoid palm tissue under pressure. Good handle design should be based on reasonable under the premise of increasing the size of the contact surface of the palm, can increase the safety cover in bakelite handle parts, reducing finger local stress concentration.
        Factor 2 agriculture reasonable tool scientifically designed bakelite handle
        Hand tools rational design science on the one hand by analyzing human biomechanics improved, on the other hand, should also be user comfort and safety stressed agreeableness in material selection, bakelite handle shape and size of hand tools and other aspects of design design. First, the tool bakelite handle material is an important factor to consider when designing. Cheap tools unsuitable materials and technology made bad could lead to accidents. These examples include the use of spanners and wrenches jobs at normal operating pressure. In addition, bakelite handle material should also consider aesthetics and functionality. Bakelite handle material design basis should be based on workload, considering some of the plasticity and toughness of wear-resistant materials, such as wood or rubber is preferably elastoplastic sandwich composite materials.
        Secondly, bakelite handle shape and size of the design should also be science.
        ① According amenity guidelines, bakelite handle size should reduce or eliminate the pressure on the wrist. Bakelite handle should fit the shape of the human hand, so that when the arm is in a horizontal position when the forceps jaws are in a horizontal position.
        ② guaranteed to produce as much as possible the use of pressure should be distributed over a large area of ​​the hand, from back to front tapering bakelite handle is the best. You should not have to let your fingers stuck in a groove, because different manpower shape vary widely, which might in the thick side of the finger (covered surface nerves and blood vessels) to generate pressure. If bakelite handle tool is too short, not across the palm of your hand, then the middle of the palm will produce a lot of pressure, so bakelite handle tools should be longer than the length of the hand grip.
        Transition distinct corners can cause irritation, abrasion and galling. To avoid such injuries, we want to make as much as possible round the corner, bakelite handle made wider; Road curve can also be added on the bakelite handle, bakelite handle parts of Canada in a protective sleeve. When the force holding the live tool active portion extends to the hand over, to avoid stress concentration appear light use.