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Bakelite handle stamping die life

2016-07-08 10:06:13
Bakelite handle punching burrs in punching in the fastest increase, it can be considered mold maintenance cycle by the height of the burr decision. Accordingly, it can be set to the proper gap punching premise, can to some extent be judged on the life of the die cutting process by observing site. When cutting shape and sharp edges prone to chipping, so glitches earlier. As we all know, as a measure to solve the glitch may be blunting the angle method. Punch, die mold material in the order SKS → SKD → → carbide powder high-speed steel, die life gradually growing. Even with the same material as the punch, the surface roughness of the die is preferably extend the life time, but also because in addition lubrication and discrepancies. When close to the chip stacked state will shorten the life of the waste blanking mode. In addition, the mold guide or stripper plate guide (Vice-guide), etc. can also affect a rigid mold and die dynamic accuracy.

Die life can be divided into maintenance life (grinding cycle) and total life. Total life is arguably the maintenance of life and is composed of the previous, but depending on the structure of the mold, sometimes difficult to determine the total life of the mold. For the whole mold for each grinding plate will be thinner, making it easy to determine the total life of the mold. For insert type bakelite handle mold, the only part of the insert grinding again and can continue to use to adjust the level, when the end of life simply replace the insert portion. Similarly, when the sub-guide and other worn, also occurred just replace worn parts. So constantly repeated, it is difficult to achieve total life bakelite handle mold. For such a mold, how to judge it is necessary to determine the total life by observing the plate. Follow targets for loose insert hole, the deformation plate. When the insert hole caused by deformation or wear loose and can not guarantee the accuracy of the position of the insert, which has reached life. In terms of the deformation of the plate, each press working performed bakelite handle, although a small amount of deformation, but will die bakelite handle is elastically deformed. When using a mold for a long time, this deformation will remain in the board. When in this state, even when loaded with the new inserts, the number can not be processed as before. When such maintenance can not meet the production requirements of life situation, you can determine the total life has been reached. When considering board life, if you want a long life, the use of thicker plates, quenching, if short-lived to meet the requirements, the use of hardened but thin plate, or without quenching Board Mount Inserts The way. Deputy guide is the same. When it is desired to obtain a long life, the use of the guide sleeve, when a small amount of production, direct use of hole plate as the guide post holes.

Bakelite molds can be divided into the handle for small production or mass production, variety. Quality assurance, appropriate life bakelite handle mold making is very difficult. Especially bakelite handle a mold for a small amount of production due to the limited production costs, making more difficult.