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Bakelite handle molded handle design

2016-07-08 10:07:59
Bakelite handle molded handle design

Bakelite handle mold handle is attached to the upper mold for parts stamping machine slider.
Bakelite handle parts not only for stamping die, but a variety of common mold.

(1) embedded bakelite handle Shank

End embedded bakelite handle molded handle with a threaded portion for screwing into the threaded hole in the punch holder. After securely screwed into, and sometimes take measures to stop rotation. Usually with the formwork for the deployment order.
(2) bakelite handle rimmed mold handle A

Bakelite handle grip is molded with round flange. Bakelite handle mold handle mold is typically mounted to a central location (bakelite handle mold to withstand eccentric loads, sometimes based on the eccentric amount Shank shifted position). When bakelite handle mold with ejecting mechanism (described in blanking die flip-chip structure) embedded bakelite handle Shank may be affected. In this case, the use of rimmed mold handle.
(3) rimmed mold handle bakelite handle B

Bakelite handle molded handle with square flange. Circular flange type bakelite handle can be integrally molded handle processing, but most use this form embedded in standard board assembly bakelite handle Shank. To take advantage of the use of a flange cover a larger area.
(4) positioning bakelite handle Shank

If it is a large mold bakelite handle, bakelite handle with a molded handle installed on the mold and keep the dangerous (upper die off). You should use the punch holder fixed to the upper mold. But centering needed, you should use shorter in length than the shank diameter bakelite handle Shank.